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    Add an export option to the record listing. A new button on the Template · 2cfe4630
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    Record page lets you export the contents of the archive that corresponds
    to that record, along with an XML file that describes the various DB bits
    for the template and instance.
    This is just a first cut so that Mike can start playing around. Subject to
    change, I'm sure.
    The archive is dumped to /proj/$pid/exports/$guid/$vers/$exptidx, which
    is basically the last commit of the instance when it was terminated.
    The xml file is called export.xml and is placed in the top level directory
    of the above directory. The file is created with XML::Simple, and a typical
    XML file might look like:
        <description>Number of nodes!</description>
        <value>Some metadata</value>
        <start_time>2006-05-26 08:23:02</start_time>
        <stop_time>2006-05-26 08:25:16</stop_time>
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