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    Brave new world of tmcc client side caching. The goal is to reduce the · 2b72f2c9
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    number of connections to tmcd, and the resulting number of DB queries.
    Currently thats about 24 per node when it boots. Each vnode adds
    another 24 or so. The new approach is to use the "fullconfig" command,
    which dumps the entire config in one shot, saving about 20 of those
    connections. We still need to do the status/state commands for real of
    course. When a node boots, it requests the fullconfig; the client side
    takes this fullconfig, and dumps the individual sections to
    /var/emulab/boot/tmcc/section_name. Subsequent requests first look for
    it locally in the above named files, falling back to real tmcc if none
    exists. The update command also refreshes the cache.
    Tested for jails and plab node vservers as well.