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    Add swappable and priority bits to experiment creation form. Not used, · 28c1968f
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    but simply entered into the DB record for the experiment until we know
    what to do with them. Add to batchexp script arguments, since all that
    stuff is done outside the web interface. Add a swapexp perl script to
    swap an an experiment in/out form the command line. Add web links on
    the Experiment Information page to do this from the web interface. A
    bunch of locking changes. Previously expt_terminating in the
    experiment record prevented multiple calls to terminate an experiment,
    but now we have a more general locking problem with
    start,swapin,swapout, and terminate, so change expt_terminating to
    expt_locked (still a datetime field) and add locking to all of
    startexp, swapexp, and endexp. Note that batch experiments cannot be
    swapped yet because of locking issues still to be resolved. Minor
    cleanup in tbreport to make email message look better.