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    Fix a few things that cropped up while debugging for jails. · 2861a1a6
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Do not have linktest daemon connect to boss; have it connect to
      local node elvind like all other local agents. Remove the event
      generation code (linktest was sending a KILL event to all other
      linktest programs), and replace with a system() call to tevc, which
      sends the event through the scheduler and exits; this will avoid a
      zillion tcp connctions to boss from the linktest daemon.
    * A couple of process group changes to linktest daemon; the daemon
      appeared to be killing itself off.
    * Fix to; It was just hanging after it completed,
      cause its child ltevent process was still running. Changed to record
      child pid, and kill/close ltevent child before exiting.