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    Add several minor experiment_stats fields; swap_errors (a count), · 27558935
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    swap_exitcode (last error), idle_swaps (a count), batch (a flag to
    indicate a batch experiment).
    Add a operational log. Okay, its not actually a log, but a table that
    will grow forever until it consumes the earth. Its a small table
    though, so it will take a few years. Its cross indexed with the
    experiment_stats table, so by massaging this table along with the
    stats table, we can get a good picture of what was running on the
    testbed when, and how many resources it was using. Sorry, not a log
    file, but we can easily generate a log file from tbe table if the Boss
    really wants one. The table entry averages 28 bytes.
    Move stats to their own main menu item (admin mode only). Remove from
    the showexp_list page since that was bogus.