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    Make broadcast mode work with master server. · 270bcda4
    Mike Hibler authored
    I had never completed this. Two things to note:
    1. Distribution via broadcast is still disabled by default in the master
       server. To enable it, see the comment added in 3.mfrisbeed.sh.in.
       To use broadcast by default in the client, see the comment in rc.frisbee.
    2. If you specify broadcast (-b) in either the client or server, then you
       should use "-m". However, this will broadcast to ALL
       interfaces on the client/server. To limit to a specific interface, also
       include "-i <interface-IP>". This will tell the client/server to look up
       that interface and use the subnet broadcast address in place of Since the master server always starts up frisbeed
       instances with -i, broadcast will always be directed on the server.
       Since our rc.frisbee script also fires up the client with -i, it will
       likewise be directed.
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