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    Reorg of two aspects of node update. · 2641af4d
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * install-rpm, install-tarfile, spewrpmtar.php3, spewrpmtar.in: Pumped
      up even more! The db file we store in /var/db now records both the
      timestamp (of the file, or if remote the install time) and the MD5
      of the file that was installed. Locally, we can get this info when
      accessing the file via NFS (copymode on or off). Remote, we use wget
      to get the file, and so pass the timestamp along in the URL request,
      and let spewrpmtar.in determine if the file has changed. If the
      timestamp it gets is >= to the timestamp of the file, an error code
      of 304 (Not Modifed) is returned. Otherwise the file is returned.
      If the timestamps are different (remote, server sends back an actual
      file), the MD5 of the file is compared against the value stored. If
      they are equal, update the timestamp in the db file to avoid
      repeated MD5s (or server downloads) in the future. If the MD5 is
      different, then reinstall the tarball or rpm, and update the db file
      with the new t...