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    Changes to support XEN shared nodes and guest snapshots. · 2489c09b
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    Snapshots are done a little differently then openvz of course, since
    there are potentially multiple disk partitions and a kernel. The basic
    operation is:
    1. Fire off reboot_prepare from boss. Changes to reboot_prepare result
       in the guest "halting" insted of rebooting.
    2. Fire off the create-image client script, which will take imagezips
       of all of the disks (except the swap partition), and grab a copy of
       the kernel. A new xm.conf file is written, and then the directory
       is first tar'ed and then we imagezip that bundle for upload.
    3. When booting a guest, we now look for guest images that are
       packaged in this way, although we still support the older method
       for backwards compatability. All of the disks are restored, and a
       new xm.conf created that points to the new kernel.
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