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    Rationalize execute services: · 241b3ab5
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    This has been bothering me for a while; A single execute service
    operates like a traditional Emulab startup command, with output going to
    /proj/pid/exp/eid/logs, which is a pain in the ass cause I don't know
    the name of the file and there 1000s of file in the directory.
    But when there are multiple execute services, we wrap them in a script
    and redirect the output to easy an easy to find spot; /var/tmp. Much
    Now we always wrap them up in a script so the output files go to
    /var/tmp. And drop a note in the original file that says where to go
    The script is written to /proj/pid/exp/eid, but thinking to the future
    when there are no NFS mounts at all, we now bundle that script into a
    little tarball and append that to the install services. Tarballs already
    handle a no-NFS world, asking the web server for the file. QED
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