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    The first really working version of idlemail. · 20e4dd56
    Mac Newbold authored
    Should run from cron, about every 15 minutes or so.
    Sends mail to idle expts that haven't gotten mail lately. Grabs the magic
    constants from the sitevars in the db, and respects idle_ignore. The
    messages now get bcc'd to tb-automail instead of tb-ops, too.
    With the current settings, it will send each idle expt a message every
    four hours (like I've been doing manually, but more punctually and without
    going away at night and on the weekend.)
    It also has a mode for selecting just one pid/eid, and possibly forcing a
    message to get sent. This part will replace the current swap request stuff
    in the web (ie, this will be the backend instead of the web page sending
    email directly).