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    First cut at FreeBSD 9.0 support. · 1f83c9c6
    Mike Hibler authored
    Upgrade to perl 5.12 means no more "suidperl" (setuid perl scripts).
    So we now have yet another little wrapper (security/runsuid.c) which
    runs suid and whose sole function is to exec the perl script of the
    same name in the /usr/testbed/suidbin directory. So a formerly setuid
    perl script install now goes like:
      create /usr/testbed/sbin/mkproj as a symlink to /usr/testbed/libexec/runsuid
      install real mkproj perl script in /usr/testbed/suidbin/mkproj
    When the setuid-wrapper is invoked under the name "mkproj" it execs
    /usr/testbed/suidbin/mkproj. We could almost use sudo for this purpose
    instead (see security/ but sudo loses one of the groups in
    the group list.
    /usr/include/utmp.h is gone in FreeBSD 9.0. In most places we nevered
    needed it, but in the one case that did (tg source), it just used a
    couple of the constants exposed (UT_*) and not the struct, so I just
    hardwired values for the constants.
    The usual tweakage to the install stuff to reflect yet another set of