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    Timothy Stack authored
    More robot tweaks:
    	* event/sched/event-sched.c: Start rmcd, then vmcd.
    	* event/sched/ Add camera dimensions to the config file.
    	* robots/emc/emcd.c: Add camera dimensions to the config file and
    	destroy vmc's position_list when it disconnects.
    	* robots/mtp/mtp.x, robots/mtp/mtp.c: Add dimensions to the camera
    	config and add a command_id field to the update_position packet.
    	* robots/primotion/ Move the decl of the acpGarcia
    	object below daemon(3) since it doesn't seem to like it when the
    	parent process dies and fix the log file creation.
    	* robots/primotion/ Pass the command_id back in any
    	update_position packets.
    	* robots/rmcd/rmcd.c: Use the command-id to distinguish between
    	STOPs for the sake of a GOTO and a wiggle.
    	* robots/vmcd/visionTrack.h, robots/vmcd/visionTrack.c: Only
    	coalesce packets from different cameras (duh) and mess with the
    	tolerances a little more.
    	* xmlrpc/ Add some rough camera dimensions.