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    Some work on restarting (rebooting) nodes. Presently, there is a bit of · 18cdfa8b
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    an inconsistency in SliverAction(); when operating on the entire slice
    we do the whole thing in the background, returning (almost) immediately.
    Which makes sense, we expect the caller to poll for status after.
    But when operating on a subset of slivers (nodes), we do it
    synchronously, which means the caller is left waiting until we get
    through rebooting all the nodes. As David pointed out, when rebooting
    nodes in the openstack profile, this can take a long time as the VMs are
    torn down. This leaves the user looking at a spinner modal for a long
    time, which is not a nice UI feature.
    So I added a local option to do slivers in the background, and return
    immediately. I am doing the for restart and reload at the moment since
    that is primarily what we use from the Portal.
    Note that this has to push out to all clusters.
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