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    Add physical memory accounting for openvz/xen nodes. The total · 11752432
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    amount a physical has is stored in the node types table, and the
    per-vm memory requirement is stored in the nodes table. ptopgen
    adds up usage, and subtracts from the total for the ptop file.
    The vtop number comes from a virt_node_attribute table, and we
    pass this through to the client side. Note that this is less
    important for openvz, more so for XEN.
    In the NS file:
    	tb-set-node-memory-size $node 1024
    Number is in MBs. The mapper defaults this to 128 for openvz and 256
    for xen. Maximum is hardwired to 256 and 512 respectively. Need to
    think about a good way to configure this in.