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    Changes to how we handle/report mapping failures that also fail the · 11074445
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    empty testbed test.
    Prior to this commit, we were not invoking the empty testbed case
    consitently. Now we do, but that exposed another problem; reporting that
    to the error to the Portal in a meaningful way. Basically, we can report
    a different error code for an impossible to map error, but then we lose
    the info we store now about what the actual failure was (which we show
    to the user with additional helpful info). Since we cannot (easily)
    change the Geni API for CreateSliver(), I have elected to continue the
    practice of returning the specific error codes (which also go into the
    database for long term historical info), and add more helpful text that
    for the Portal user that explains clearly that the mapping is impossible
    on the target cluster. This extra text also go into the database in the
    attached message field, so we ccan come back later and post process if
    we decide to do something different.
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