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    Implement limited backward compatibility with the old frisbee setup. · 1017ccce
    Mike Hibler authored
    The big backward compatibility issue is that we no longer store running
    frisbeed info in the DB.  This means that loadinfo could not return
    address:port info to clients and thus old frisbee MFSes could no longer
    work.  While not a show stopper to require people to update their MFS first,
    I made a token effort to implement backward compat as follows.
    When an old frisbee MFS does "tmcc loadinfo" (as identified by a tmcd
    version < 33), tmcd will invoke "frisbeehelper" to startup a daemon.
    Sound like frisbeelauncher?  Well sorta, but vastly simplified and I only
    want this to be temporary.  The helper just uses the frisbee client to make
    a "proxy" request to the localhost master server.  The Emulab configuration
    of the master server now allows requests from localhost to proxy for another
    frisbeehelper is also used by webfrisbeekiller to kill a running daemon
    (yes, just like frisbeelauncher).  It makes a proxy status request on
    localhost and uses the returned info to identify the particular instance
    and kill it.