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    Several sets of changes scattered across all these files. · 0f4a4dfb
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * More on issue #54; watch for openstack experiments and try to download
      the new openstack stats file via the fast XMLRPC path. Show this as a
      text blob in a new tab on the status page, still need to graph the data.
      The apt_daemon handles the periodic request for the data (every 10
      minutes), which we store in the apt_instances table.
    * Addition for Rob on the admin extend page; Add a "more info" button that
      sends the contents of the text box as an email message requesting more
      info and stores that in the ongoing interaction log. Responses from the
      user are not stored though, might look at that someday.
    * Another addition for Rob; on the extensions list page, also show expired,
      locked down experiments. Note the sorting; at the top of the list are
      actual extension request (status='ready') while the bottom of the list
      are status='expired'.
    * Add a "graphs" tab to the status page, which shows the same idle stats
      graphs that were added to the admin extend page. Most of this change is
      refactoring the code and sharing it between the two pages.