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    Add a "monitor" process to start/restart sliver to watch nodes. · 0c749af4
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    This is very similar to what Emulab does on the swapin path for
    normal experiments; wait and watch the nodes to see which ones
    fail or otherwise timeout. Up till now, we did not do this on the
    PG path, and so failed nodes were never signaled, and the slice
    was left in a changing state forever. This also allows us to capture
    the node bootlogs and convert them to logfiles that we can associate
    with the slice on the showslice web page.
    Details: start/restart forks a child (WrapperFork()) and allows
    the parent to return to the client. The slice is unlocked so that
    the client can call SliverStatus(), etc. But the client cannot
    do anything that actually changes the sliver (update, stop, etc)
    until the monitor finishes (or times out on its own). The lone
    exception is Deleteslice(), which will asynchronously kill the
    monitor and then terminate the slice. Ditto the command line
    script "cleanupslice".
    We will probably need to add another way to allow the client to
    terminate the monitor early, but have not decided where yet.