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    New imagevalidate tool for printing/checking/updating image metadata. · 0bb906f4
    Mike Hibler authored
    This should be run whenever an image is created or updated and possibly
    periodically over existing images. It makes sure that various image
    metadata fields are up to date:
     * hash: the SHA1 hash of the image. This field has been around for
       awhile and was previously maintained by "imagehash".
     * size: the size of the image file.
     * range: the sector range covered by the uncompressed image data.
     * mtime: modification time of the image. This is the "updated"
       datetime field in the DB. Its intent was always to track the update
       time of the image, but it wasn't always exact (create-image would
       update this with the current time at the start of the image capture
    Documentation? Umm...the usage message is comprehensive!
    It sports a variety of useful options, but the basics are:
     * imagevalidate -p <image> ...
        Print current DB metadata for indicated images. <image> can either
        be a <pid>/<imagename> string or the numeric imageid.
     * imagevalidate <image> ...
        Check the mtime, size, hash, and image range of the image file and
        compare them to the values in the DB. Whine for ones which are out
        of date.
     * imagevalidate -u <image> ...
        Compare and then update DB metadata fields that are out of date.
    Fixed a variety of scripts that either used imagehash or computed the
    SHA1 hash directly to now use imagevalidate.