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    More image version fixes and changes. · 3802c0dc
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Fixes to allow specific versions of images to be exported; the existing
       path was reverting back to the highest numbered version. So far this has
       not come up, but will with APT and Cloud.
    2. Add version argument to image_metadata.php, mostly as a convenience. So
       rather then using the version specific uuid, you can use the image uuid,
       with a version argument. This is actually more sensible, except for one
       important fact; it is not possible to locate a deleted image this way,
       since the image descriptor is gone (only the version descriptors are in
       the DB).
       But I went ahead and did it cause there is still some question as to
       whether we care about being able to export a deleted image. We do not
       expose these URLs at this time, but you can use one.
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