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    When calling DeleteSlice(), if a monitor process is running, then the · 09421138
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    slice is busy.  This might mean that the user will not be able to
    delete the slice for a long time, but we are having problems with
    users canceling slices before they finish setting up, and the XEN
    client side is not handling this very well. Note that the cleanupslice
    script calls GeniCM::CleanupDeadSlice() directly, which *does* kill
    the monitor, so admin cleanup is not affected.
    Regarding the xen client side, signals can be blocked for a really
    long time while a container is setting up, and so trying to kill it
    fails, and bad things ripple out. Fixing that is going to take some
    time to get right, so just avoid the problem for now.
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