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    Frontend and parser portion of two event system changes: · 091a0b62
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Generate a shared secret key for the event system. This key is
      stored into the DB, and passed to the node via tmcd. It is also
      stashed into a file in the experiment directory (can be accessed
      only by the project/group members). The key is used to attach a
      HMAC (hashed message authentication) to each event, which is checked
      by the receivers to ensure that the event is not bogus. More details
      on this later when I commit the event library/client changes.
    * Added "virt_programs" table to store info about each program object
      defined by the user. The intent is to no longer send the command
      string in the event, but to fix it in the DB, and transfer it via
      tmcd. This removes our "remote execution facility" which was always
      a bad idea (we have ssh for that, and that is a lot more secure then
      the event system!).
      Note that for the time being we need to continue send the command in
      the event because of old images, but the new images will now ignore
      that part of the event.
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