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    A bunch of template changes resulting from meetings last week. · 087dbfff
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Add XMLRPC interface for template swapin,stoprun,startrun,swapout and
      add the appropriate wrappers to the script_wrapper on ops.
    * Allow parameter descriptions in NS files. This is probably not in its
      final form since its a bit confusing as to what has priority; something
      in the NS file or a metadata item. Anyway, you can do this in your NS
    	$ns define-template-parameter GUID "0/0" "The GUID to be analyzed"
      The rules are currently that the NS file description has priority and
      is copied to child templates, unless the user has modified a description
      via the web interface, in which case the NS file description is ignored.
      I know, sounds awful, but for the most part people are going to use the
      NS file anyway.
    * Add "clear" option when starting a new experiment run; the per
      experiment DB at the logholes are cleared. Note that this is *not* the
      default behaviour; you have to either check the checkbox on the web form
      or use the -c option to the script wrapper, or clear=yes if talking
      directly to the XMLRPC server.
    * Fix up how email is generated for template_swapin and template_create,
      so that Kevin can debug tblog/tbreport stuff, but also so that we maintain
      mail logs as before. I have made some improvements to libaudit so as to
      centralize the mail goo, and avoid duplicating all that stuff.
    * Minor fixes to the program agent so that the new environment strings are
      sent before the program agent exits and reloads them!
    * Other minor little things.