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    Two real changes: · 04c20246
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    1) Add support for local jailed nodes. This support overlaps in a nasty way
       with remote jailed nodes, but I added this for testing purposes, and as
       it turns out its pretty handy. A second pass is needed to unify remote
       and local jails, but for now this is how it goes:
      	tb-set-hardware $node3  pc600
      	tb-set-hardware $nodev1 pcvm600
      	tb-fix-node $nodev1 $node3
      So, "fix" $nodev1 to $node3. The intent is that once $node3 is
      allocated by assign to a real testbed node, we can then allocate a
      virtual node on pcXX to $nodev1. I did this primarily to allow for
      easy testing of jails via my NS file, without having to hack assign
      wrapper too deeply. So, after assign runs, I use avail to get the
      available vnodes on the assigned pcXX, allocate those for the virtual
      nodes. At present, we still depend on pre-exsiting pcvm nodes for each
      real node.
    2) Add code to assign non-overlapping port ranges to each experiment. This
       could be moved to an external script, but is fine right here. There is
       an ipport_ranges table for determining a testbed wide range (currently
       256 ports). This is of course only meaningful when using jailed nodes,
       so do not bother to set a range (and use up the port space) if no jailed
       (virtual) nodes.
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