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    Kirk Webb authored
    A bunch of plab interface updates that I've worked on over the last while.
    Most significant is the revamped renewal code that tries to push the leases
    out to the policy defined maximum of two months during each iteration through
    the plabrenewd daemon loop.
    - added python lib code to get SiteVars
    - Fixed up comments to reflect current code operation
    - revamped renewal code (again)
      - changed all times to UTC for consistency
      - removed node-level renew invocation in favor of slice-level
        - if backend module requires node-level renewals, it must handle them
          itself in the slice-level function
        - better reporting
    - set admin bit if creating svc slice
      - other updates to ensure admin bit is preserved
    - update rootball handling function naming
    - updated tryXmlRpcCmd() to accept two new sets of strings, and a callback
      function.  The strings represent Faults that either 1) indicate success,
      or 2) indicate failure.  The callback is another optional error handling
      method, allowing the caller to decide how to treat individual faults as
      they see fit.
    - updated the backend module code to take advantage of the new string
      match status identifiers in tryXmlRpcCmd()
    - completely revamped slice renewal code in mod_PLC backend
      - compare against real lease expiration data gathered direct from PLC
      We used to just infer from our originally requested lease length
      - warn when our notion of expiration doesn't match PLC's
    - added agent caching and lease expiration info caching to mod_PLC