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    Begin implementing the Analysis API; both internal C and XML SOAP. · bb6866bc
    David Johnson authored
    This required a massive reorg of xml/service stuff into xml/schema and
    some Analysis schema/API changes.
    I basically had to move all the gSOAP data serializer/deserializer
    generation/compilation stuff into xml/schema, because we need to use
    those things in analysis/ so we can read analysis metadata from the
    filesystem in XML using the gSOAP deserializers.  BUT, then, the
    xml/service stuff wants to use the code in analysis/ for interacting
    with analyses.  So, chicken and egg.
    Fortunately, the build already split the XML data gSOAP stubs apart
    from the gSOAP RPC stubs; it was just a matter of getting all the
    Makefiles and deps reoriented.
    Let's see how many things break.