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    • Pierce Darragh's avatar
      Prevent infinite recursion with bad parameterization · 438abbe0
      Pierce Darragh authored
      If (fresh-type-variable) is given during parameterization of current-xsmith-type-constructor-thunks (which shouldn't happen except in a bad configuration), an infinite loop occurs. This fix prevents the loop and gives an error message explaining the fix.
  6. 28 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • William G Hatch's avatar
      fix name access bug · e06c6a87
      William G Hatch authored
      The `fresh` property for definitions assumed the hole had fields for
      name and type.  This is used in lifting -- the info has to be lifted
      into a hole which gets fresh called on it later.  However, if the
      definition node has a supertype node that is being filled, it may not
      have those fields.
      Thanks again to Pierce for writing code exercising a case I clearly
      hadn't fully considered.
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  9. 19 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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    • Eric Eide's avatar
      Rewrite the code to find the current git short hash. · a877a624
      Eric Eide authored
      Now we use three methods, in this order, to discern the short git hash
      that corresponds to the running version of Xsmith:
        1. Look for the hash in `info.rkt`.  `git archive` will put in there,
           but most people won't run Xsmith from source trees produced in this
        2. Look for the hash in the package's checksum.  The Racket package
           catalog can provide us with the hash we want, and most users will
           install Xsmith through the package catalog.
        3. Look for the hash by running `git rev-parse` in the package's
           directory.  This works when the package's directory is part of a
           git repository's working tree.  Xsmith developers will commonly
           install Xsmith from a local directory that is part of a git
           repository's working tree.
      If none of these methods work, the git commit hash is "unknown".
      We no longer record the git commit hash at compile time.  This was a
      pretty unreliable way of tracking the current git hash.
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