Commit b6847b3e authored by Guy Watson's avatar Guy Watson
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Simplify idiomatic for loop generation

Move the complexity from the fresh property into the printer and only ask xsmith about choices that matter.
parent a1ee0386
......@@ -158,10 +158,9 @@
;; Idiomatic Generation
[ForLoop Expr ([loopvar : GlobalSet] ;; This will be the inital value set before entering the loop
;; Rendering for this node is restricted: it will not produce
;; a value for use by children
[loop : Loop])
[ForLoop Expr ([initial : Literal]
[loopvar : GlobalSet]
[loopbody : Expr])
#:prop choice-weight 30]
......@@ -188,41 +187,11 @@
#;[GlobalSet (hash 'name (fresh-var-name "$global_"))]
;;todo Implement these with the upcoming custom name changes
;; The problem here is that I can't seem to make-fresh-node inside of fresh
[ForLoop (let* ([loopvar-name (binding-name (send this xsmith_get-reference-for-child! int #t))]
[loopvar (make-fresh-node 'GlobalSet
(hash 'val (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo)
'name loopvar-name
'expr (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo)))] ;;dummy leaf node
[zero (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo
(hash 'v 0))]
[one (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo
(hash 'v 1))]
[loopvar-get1 (make-fresh-node 'GlobalGet
(hash 'name loopvar-name))]
[loopvar-get2 (make-fresh-node 'GlobalGet
(hash 'name loopvar-name))]
[subtraction (make-fresh-node 'Subtraction
(hash 'l loopvar-get1
'r one))]
[comparison (make-fresh-node 'GreaterThanSigned
(hash 'l loopvar-get2
'r zero))]
[branch (make-fresh-node 'BranchIf
(hash 'cond comparison
'targetindex 0 ;; Target the loop in order to loop
;; Specify the type manually to avoid cyclic dependenices
'targettype 'Loop))]
;; 'val is the (randomly generated) loop body
[loop-body (make-fresh-node 'GlobalSet
(hash 'val subtraction
'name loopvar-name
'expr branch))]
[loop (make-fresh-node 'Loop
(hash 'expr loop-body))])
(hash 'loopvar loopvar
'loop loop))]
;; Let the initial value and loop body be handled by the default
[ForLoop (hash 'loopvar (make-fresh-node 'GlobalSet
(hash 'val (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo) ;;dummy
'name (binding-name (send this xsmith_get-reference-for-child! i32 #t))
'expr (make-fresh-node 'LiteralIntThirtyTwo))))] ;;dummy
......@@ -234,8 +203,7 @@
(if (eq? c (ast-child 'cond n))
(+ 0 depth)
(+ 1 depth))))]
[Func (λ (n c) (+ 1 (att-value 'nesting-level (ast-parent n))))]
[Func (λ (n c) (+ 1 (att-value 'nesting-level (ast-parent n))))])
;; ints and floats
......@@ -290,8 +258,9 @@
'then t))]]
[Block [(fresh-type-variable) (λ (n t) (hash 'expr t))]]
[Loop [(fresh-type-variable) (λ (n t) (hash 'expr t))]]
[ForLoop [(fresh-type-variable) (λ (n t) (hash 'loopvar i32
'loop t))]]
[ForLoop [(fresh-type-variable) (λ (n t) (hash 'initial i32
'loopvar i32
'loopbody t))]]
[Branch [(fresh-type-variable) (λ (n t) (hash 'val t))]] ;;todo triple check branch interactions here
[BranchIf [(fresh-type-variable)
(λ (n t) (hash 'cond i32
......@@ -503,11 +472,22 @@
'(loop (result i32))
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'expr n))
[ForLoop (λ (n)
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'val (ast-child 'loopvar n)))
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'initial n))
`(global.set ,(string->symbol (format "$~a" (ast-child 'name (ast-child 'loopvar n)))))
`(loop (result i32))
`(global.get ,(string->symbol (format "$~a" (ast-child 'name (ast-child 'loopvar n)))))
'(i32.const 1)
`(global.set ,(string->symbol (format "$~a" (ast-child 'name (ast-child 'loopvar n)))))
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'loop n))))]
;; loop body here
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'loopbody n))
`(global.get ,(string->symbol (format "$~a" (ast-child 'name (ast-child 'loopvar n)))))
'(i32.const 0)
'(br_if 0)))]
[Branch (λ (n)
($xsmith_render-node (ast-child 'val n))
......@@ -596,8 +576,8 @@
[GreaterThanUnsigned (λ (n) 'i32.gt_u)]
[LessThanOrEqualSigned (λ (n) 'i32.le_s)]
[LessThanOrEqualUnsigned (λ (n) 'i32.le_u)]
[GreaterThanOrEqualSigned (λ (n) 'i32.gt_s)]
[GreaterThanOrEqualUnsigned (λ (n) 'i32.gt_u)]
[GreaterThanOrEqualSigned (λ (n) 'i32.ge_s)]
[GreaterThanOrEqualUnsigned (λ (n) 'i32.ge_u)]
[CountLeadingZero (λ (n) 'i32.clz)]
[CountTrailingZero (λ (n) 'i32.ctz)]
[NonZeroBits (λ (n) 'i32.popcnt)]
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