1. 16 Nov, 2010 1 commit
  2. 25 Oct, 2010 1 commit
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      seabios: Update to 0.6.1 · 758c309f
      Anthony Liguori authored
       - 0ff9051 Update version to 0.6.1
       - 9c000e6 Support Samsung SE-S084 USB DVD drive (and probably many others)
       - eebe949 pciinit: remove unused variable, old_addr, in pci_set_io_region_addr().
       - 06644f4 Minor - indentation change to jpeg.c.
       - 2dcd9fa Enhance tools/readserial.py to support reading from a pipe.
       - 7ce09ae Make tools/transdump.py more resilient to unknown input.
       - 6039fc5 Update qemu_cfg_read to use "rep insb".
       - 9a01a9c Only show bootsplash during boot menu.
       - 5feb83c add write support to virtio-blk
       - 22f6378 Don't try to talk to APIC on 486
       - e2074bf Add ACPI SSDT/DSDT support for CPU hotplug.
       - eb6dc78 Add additional debug status messages to bootsplash code.
       - c8e4e88 Allow qemu to use bootsplash code via fwcfg interface.
       - 597040d Add tools/trandump.py tool for converting hexdump() output.
       - 48f5f8b Default bootsplash on (for coreboot users).
       - 8d85eb1 Autodetect video mode based on bootsplash jpeg dimensions.
       - b2b9d4a Rename "decdata" to "jpeg" in bootsplash - to be consistent with jpeg.c.
       - bbc4722 Breakup jpeg_decode into parsing and displaying phases.
       - 2976dd4 Avoid using BSS variables in jpeg.c.
       - cc9e1bf Add FUNC16() helper macro for converting a 16bit func to a segoff_s.
       - b4525a0 Handle unaligned sizes in iomemcpy().
       - 0e27e19 Cleanup bootsplash vesa signature detection.
       - cadaf0e Be sure to disable bootsplash on all BIOS boot cases.
       - 2641186 Add call16_int10 helper to bootsplash.c.
       - 6dc76f4 Don't do "double buffering" in bootsplash code.
       - 227dc3e Check that malloc succeeds in bootsplash code.
       - a576c9c Bootsplash fixes and cleanups.
       - 9fd4851 Minor - clarify bit logic in mptable.c.
       - abf31d3 Fix integer truncating bug in calc_future_timer().
       - 1d5c333 seabios: pciinit: fix 64bit bar initilization.
       - ae6924d Minor - introduce GDT_GRANLIMIT macro.
       - 0f78889 Avoid code addresses >64K in big real mode.
       - aec19c9 seabios: smm: move out piix4 specific smram logic to dev-i440fx.c
       - 08328e7 seabios: shadow: make device finding more generic.
       - 4c67f90 seabios: acpi: clean up of finding pm device.
       - fe54a53 seabios: acpi: split out piix4 pm logic.
       - d06afb4 seabios: acpi: move acpi definitions to acpi.h from acpi.c
       - 2f54bb4 seabios: acpi: move out endian conversion helper function.
       - 23173ac seabios: pci: introduce helper function to find device from table and initialize it.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
  3. 13 Jul, 2010 1 commit
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      Update SeaBIOS · 8c929e1e
      Anthony Liguori authored
       - 17d3e46 smbios: Allow all fields to be set via qemu_cfg_smbios_load_field()
       - 0d6b8d5 seabios: pciinit: use pci device initializer helper function.
       - 968d3a8 seabios: pci: introduce helper function to initialize a given device.
       - 4e0daae virtio: Clear interrupt status register in virtio-blk
       - af0963d seabios: pciinit: initialize pci bridge filtering registers.
       - f441666 seabios: pciinit: pci bridge bus initialization.
       - 5d0de15 seabios: pciinit: make bar offset calculation pci bridge aware.
       - a65821d seabios: pciinit: factor out bar offset calculation.
       - 0a8eada seabios: pciinit: make pci bar assigner preferchable memory aware.
       - dfd94fa seabios: pciinit: make pci memory space assignment 64bit aware.
       - b9e4721 seabios: pciinit: factor out pci bar region allocation logic.
       - edd9911 seabios: pci: introduce foreachpci_in_bus() helper macro.
       - f79a462 Add romfile_size() wrapper for accessing cbfs/qemu_cfg files.
       - afbed1b Initial bootsplash support.
       - 83d6ed6 Update TODO
       - 1d7d893 Fix bvprintf() to respect padding for hex printing.
       - e230426 Unify optionrom cbfs/qemu_cfg rom pulling code.
       - 8cb8ba5 SeaBIOS VGA hooks
       - 203f6f3 SeaBIOS CD/DVD abbreviations
       - 12cbb43 seabios: remove iasl output file when error.
       - d5d02b6 Allocate cdemu buffer in low mem instead of ebda.
       - 8f59aa3 Introduce memcpy_fl - a memcpy on "flat" pointers.
       - 42a1d4c Rework malloc to use a "first fit" algorithm.
       - 34e9cc5 Minor mptable changes.
       - 0f3783b virtio: clean up memory barrier usage
       - bfe4d60 virtio: remove NO_NOTIFY optimization
       - bb68591 Don't use RTC to time boot menu delay.
       - b5cc2ca Generalize timer based delay code.
       - 144817b Rename check_time() to check_tsc().
       - 9c447c3 Allow wait_irq to be called in 32bit code.
       - 49cc72b Improve optionrom debugging statements.
       - c65a4a6 Minor - compile out usb-msc code if CONFIG_USB_MSC not set.
       - 456479e Minor ata cleanups.
       - 2515a72 Make sure virtio-blk is fully compiled out if not wanted.
       - c4fe135 Minor - split up virtio_blk_setup().
       - 4030db0 fix two issues with virtio-blk
       - ea8ac63 Minor improvements to virtio (allow irqs, allocate page aligned).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
  4. 14 May, 2010 1 commit
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      Update SeaBIOS · 14ac15d3
      Anthony Liguori authored
       - 7d09d0e Fix virtio compile errors on various gcc versions.
       - 89acfa3 Support for booting from virtio disks
       - 6d66316 smbios: avoid counting io hole as ram
       - e5cd945 Fix error causing USB HID "boot" protocol to not be enabled.
       - 0e88576 Add support for USB mice.
       - dd5a8a6 When USB keyboard active, don't send keyboard commands to ps2 port.
       - 5718d56 Document usb-hid.c functions.
       - e438b0c Further parallelize init when using CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS.
       - f59b5ac Handle unknown function addresses in tools/checkstack.py.
       - 9ba1dea Simplify build by manually resolving external symbols in layoutrom.py.
       - 698d3f9 USB EHCI should yield() whil waiting for controller to ack reset.
       - f9a774c Add __attribute__((__malloc__)) declaration to internal malloc funcs.
       - b7045ce Minor - remove redundant check from ata_try_dma.
       - 67f6d37 Fix possible unitialized variable issue in usb msc.
       - a7eb8fc Some improvements to optionrom preemption support.
       - d28b0fe Refactor USB hub code.
       - ba28541 Prep version for next release.
       - 12bffd5 Update version to 0.6.0.
       - 87ab2fb Improve USB EHCI timing.
       - d705e5a Disable inlining on old compilers.
       - bca0736 Force use of indirect function calls in inline assembler.
       - d7eb27e Don't move EBDA while an optionrom is running (CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS).
       - 7415270 Call to int1552 (from int1346) should set regs->dl.
       - 9dc243e Adjust debug levels of device discovery.
       - d9c9361 Default CONFIG_COREBOOT_FLASH on; make depend on CONFIG_COREBOOT.
       - c35e1e5 Restore segment limits in handle_1589 code.
       - 11cc662 Extend time for rtc to be ready.
       - 4ed378a Backup and restore registers when calling out to user funcs.
       - 68c5139 Enable irqs in kbd/clock calls that caller might "spin" on.
       - f628244 Process event on ps2 keyboard irq even if event already read.
       - a5d8458 Revert "Unify ps2 port data processing."
       - b9ed5e2 Handle variable length return of ps2 port GETID command.
       - 67a9eec Prevent ps2 irqs from messing up ps2 init.
       - 6704cf9 Revert "Rework disabling of ps2 port irqs."
       - 808939c Fix smp cpu detect on gcc 4.5.
       - a979c1c Improvements to tools/checkstack.py.
       - 190cc62 Add USB EHCI controller support.
       - 0770d67 Some USB UHCI and OHCI fixes and cleanups.
       - bfe7ca7 Minor - USB OHCI interrupt queue should be one larger.
       - 09e2f7c Reduce size of USB 'struct uhci_td'.
       - 406fad6 Dynamically allocate USB controller structures.
       - 4547eb9 Replace USB encoded 'u32 endp' scheme with explicit struct fields.
       - 8ebcac0 Further parallelize USB init by launching a thread per usb port.
       - e908665 Introduce simple "mutex" locking code.
       - 3b79f8b Only compile usb-hub.c and paravirt.c with 32bit code.
       - 357bdfa Prefer passing a USB "pipe" structure over a USB endp encoding.
       - 7fb8ba8 Add a generic "internal error" warning function.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
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  6. 23 Feb, 2010 1 commit
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      pc-bios: update to latest Seabios · e1c247d2
      Anthony Liguori authored
       - 0360e8e Seabios e820 reservation portion v3
       - 7149fc8 Initial support for booting from USB drives.
       - 3c160dd Introduce helper functions for finding USB end-points.
       - 9571439 USB UHCI cleanups.
       - a4bd919 Minor - arrange struct drive_s to clarify field roles.
       - dac46b1 Fix off by one error in strtcpy.
       - d2d1de0 Don't require a valid physical cylinders/heads/spt for logical mapping.
       - 76977b2 Move common "command data block" functions to new file blockcmd.c.
       - d7e998f Dynamically allocate each drive_g with malloc_fseg().
       - 525be69 Add *.pyc to .gitignore.
       - 7d70025 Add common "block command" definitions and update cdrom code.
       - 68caaa7 Optimize ntohl() code.
       - 42157c8 Minor - sort ATA CMD definitions.
       - 54671c1 Initial support for USB hubs.
       - 7852331 Minor - increase debug level of some USB debug statements.
       - ba94a68 Don't leave USB UHCI ports disabled for extended time during reset.
       - 49a0aa6 Don't parallelize USB OHCI root port reset.
       - cfdc13f Introduce standard warnings for allocation failures and timeouts.
       - 8bbc79c Add symbolic definitions for USB delays.
       - 991eaff Support USB interrupt schedules on OHCI and UHCI.
       - 59c7574 Add some ASSERT32FLAT() to help compiler eliminate dead code.
       - e1920be seabios: acpi: fix memory leak in build_srat().
       - 84a4d4b Support USB keyboard auto-repeat.
       - bf7f1f3 mptable: Pull cpuid_signature/features setting out of loop.
       - 6f702dd Rework disabling of ps2 port irqs.
       - 2d3f0f5 Go back to using 0xf0000000 for PCI memory start.
       - 41c0957 Read APIC version from APIC instead of using a hard-coded value.
       - 7a98fd0 Work around bochs floppy issue with wait_irq().
       - 4d07902 Add CONFIG_ATA_DMA option; default to off for now.
       - 3012af1 Fix PkgLength calculation for the SSDT.
       - 92a5742 Add explicit Program Headers to linker scripts.
       - 6fc91b2 Prep version for next release.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
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      Update to SeaBIOS 0.5.1 · c3863f25
      Anthony Liguori authored
        5da6833 Update version to 0.5.1
        669c991 Fix sign error preventing incorrect memory over 4gig calculation.
        7e6bd3e Minor - better indent assembler in int1587.
        48cf232 Add comment explaining why mptable is in low memory.
        643062f Add int1589 support.
        085debd Set FDPT in irq table even for small drives.
        7c1b186 Reduce #ifs by weeding out some cross-chunk function definitions.
        f9b25d3 Fix vgahook sign issue; add warning to build to catch future cases.
        3862b2d vgabios: Fix compile error due to fixed prototypes.
        1ca05b0 Be sure to add "void" to all function prototypes that take no args.
        b5bb9db mptable: Reset pinmask on new bus or device.
        8918989 Detect latest FC12 gcc -combine breakage.
        c9d3c2d Minor vga binary cleanups.
        9a8609f Make MTRR region 0xc0000-0x100000 be cached.
        fdca418 Force a link error if a function is used from the wrong code chunk.
        dad41d9 Add __noreturn define for __attribute__((noreturn)).
        c003148 Implement native 32bit APM support.
        5c99b6c Commit compiled dsdt file; misc comment updates.
        29f4b91 prevent acpi from rerouting SCI interrupt
        4c94b7e enumerate all PCI buses in mptable
        871e0a0 Add support for 32bit PCI BIOS entry.
        eda2c83 Only add "addr32" to memory accesses that require them.
        52a300f Introduce MODESEGMENT define; rename VISIBLE32 to VISIBLE32FLAT.
        fe2c3ee Allocate smbios in temp space and copy into final location.
        b164d2c Clear user reserved interrupts (0x60-0x66).
        d9104ff Remove pci_bios_bigmem_addr; set pci_bios_mem_addr=0xe0000000
        14021f2 Add initial support for ATA DMA.
        8362699 Allocate mptable in temp space and copy into final location.
        979862e Also report memory over 4G during init.
        928d4df provide correct pci routing information in mptable
        afc02da Add symbolic definitions for MTRR code.
        fb214dc Fix yield() so it works from boot code.
        2ceeec9 Fix potential build failure due to text16 section being too large.
        a2195e4 Increase version in preparation for next release.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
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      Update SeaBIOS · b0293e54
      Anthony Liguori authored
      This includes the following changes:
        42bc394 Make sure to reenable ata interrupts even on error.
        494dfc6 Move SeaBIOS post/boot stack to avoid conflict with gPXE.
        3133e38 Test for broken gcc -combine on FC12.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com>
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