Commit d21de4d9 authored by Max Reitz's avatar Max Reitz Committed by Kevin Wolf

qapi: Complete BlkdebugEvent

Several events were missing from the QAPI enum, add them.
Reported-by: default avatarKevin Wolf <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMax Reitz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKevin Wolf <>
parent c4d01535
......@@ -1422,7 +1422,9 @@
'refblock_alloc.write_blocks', 'refblock_alloc.write_table',
'refblock_alloc.switch_table', 'cluster_alloc',
'cluster_alloc_bytes', 'cluster_free', 'flush_to_os',
'flush_to_disk' ] }
'flush_to_disk', 'pwritev_rmw.head', 'pwritev_rmw.after_head',
'pwritev_rmw.tail', 'pwritev_rmw.after_tail', 'pwritev',
'pwritev_zero', 'pwritev_done', 'empty_image_prepare' ] }
# @BlkdebugInjectErrorOptions
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