Commit 971ae6ef authored by zhanghailiang's avatar zhanghailiang Committed by Michael Tokarev

rdma: Fix incorrect description in comments

Since we have supported memory hotplug, VM's ram include pc.ram
and hotplug-memory.

Fix the confused description for rdma migration: pc.ram -> VM's ram
Signed-off-by: default avatarzhanghailiang <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Tokarev <>
parent 9d632f5f
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Contents:
* RDMA Migration Protocol Description
* Versioning and Capabilities
* QEMUFileRDMA Interface
* Migration of pc.ram
* Migration of VM's ram
* Error handling
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ The only difference between a SEND message and an RDMA
message is that SEND messages cause notifications
to be posted to the completion queue (CQ) on the
infiniband receiver side, whereas RDMA messages (used
for pc.ram) do not (to behave like an actual DMA).
for VM's ram) do not (to behave like an actual DMA).
Messages in infiniband require two things:
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ If the buffer is empty, then we follow the same steps
listed above and issue another "QEMU File" protocol command,
asking for a new SEND message to re-fill the buffer.
Migration of pc.ram:
Migration of VM's ram:
At the beginning of the migration, (migration-rdma.c),
......@@ -2523,7 +2523,7 @@ static void *qemu_rdma_data_init(const char *host_port, Error **errp)
* QEMUFile interface to the control channel.
* SEND messages for control only.
* pc.ram is handled with regular RDMA messages.
* VM's ram is handled with regular RDMA messages.
static int qemu_rdma_put_buffer(void *opaque, const uint8_t *buf,
int64_t pos, int size)
......@@ -2539,7 +2539,7 @@ static int qemu_rdma_put_buffer(void *opaque, const uint8_t *buf,
* Push out any writes that
* we're queued up for pc.ram.
* we're queued up for VM's ram.
ret = qemu_rdma_write_flush(f, rdma);
if (ret < 0) {
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