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    Merge commit 'ff71f2e8' into staging · 4e1957ac
    Anthony Liguori authored
    * commit 'ff71f2e8': (21 commits)
      rtl8139: do the network/host communication only in normal operating mode
      rtl8139: correctly check the opmode
      net: move compute_mcast_idx() to net.h
      rtl8139: support byte read to TxStatus registers
      rtl8139: remove unused marco
      rtl8139: limit transmission buffer size in c+ mode
      pci_regs: Add PCI_EXP_TYPE_PCIE_BRIDGE
      virtio-net: add DATA_VALID flag
      pci_bridge: upper 32 bit are long registers
      pci: fix bridge IO/BASE
      pcie: drop functionality moved to core
      pci: set memory type for memory behind the bridge
      pci: add standard bridge device
      slotid: add slot id capability
      shpc: standard hot plug controller
      pci_bridge: user-friendly default bus name
      pci: make another unused extern function static
      pci: don't export an internal function
      pci_regs: Fix value of PCI_EXP_TYPE_RC_EC.
      pci: Do not check if a bus exist in pci_parse_devaddr.
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