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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into staging · bb5d8dd7
    Anthony Liguori authored
    * kwolf/for-anthony: (46 commits)
      qed: remove incoming live migration blocker
      qed: honor BDRV_O_INCOMING for incoming live migration
      migration: clear BDRV_O_INCOMING flags on end of incoming live migration
      qed: add bdrv_invalidate_cache to be called after incoming live migration
      blockdev: open images with BDRV_O_INCOMING on incoming live migration
      block: add a function to clear incoming live migration flags
      block: Add new BDRV_O_INCOMING flag to notice incoming live migration
      block stream: close unused files and update ->backing_hd
      qemu-iotests: Fix call syntax for qemu-io
      qemu-iotests: Fix call syntax for qemu-img
      qemu-iotests: Test unknown qcow2 header extensions
      qemu-iotests: qcow2.py
      sheepdog: fix send req helpers
      sheepdog: implement SD_OP_FLUSH_VDI operation
      block: bdrv_append() fixes
      qed: track dirty flag status
      qemu-img: add dirty flag status
      qed: image fragmentation statistics
      qemu-img: add image fragmentation statistics
      block: document job API
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