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Add nodelay option for TCP character devices.

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parent e5b0bc44
......@@ -576,13 +576,14 @@ localhost 5555
@end table
@item tcp:[host]:port[,server][,nowait]
@item tcp:[host]:port[,server][,nowait][,nodelay]
The TCP Net Console has two modes of operation. It can send the serial
I/O to a location or wait for a connection from a location. By default
the TCP Net Console is sent to @var{host} at the @var{port}. If you use
the @var{server} option QEMU will wait for a client socket application
to connect to the port before continuing, unless the @code{nowait}
option was specified. If @var{host} is omitted, is assumed. Only
option was specified. The @code{nodelay} option disables the Nagle buffering
algoritm. If @var{host} is omitted, is assumed. Only
one TCP connection at a time is accepted. You can use @code{telnet} to
connect to the corresponding character device.
@table @code
......@@ -594,7 +595,7 @@ connect to the corresponding character device.
-serial tcp:,server,nowait
@end table
@item telnet:host:port[,server][,nowait]
@item telnet:host:port[,server][,nowait][,nodelay]
The telnet protocol is used instead of raw tcp sockets. The options
work the same as if you had specified @code{-serial tcp}. The
difference is that the port acts like a telnet server or client using
......@@ -2497,6 +2497,12 @@ static void tcp_chr_telnet_init(int fd)
send(fd, (char *)buf, 3, 0);
static void socket_set_nodelay(int fd)
int val = 1;
setsockopt(fd, IPPROTO_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, (char *)&val, sizeof(val));
static void tcp_chr_accept(void *opaque)
CharDriverState *chr = opaque;
......@@ -2530,6 +2536,8 @@ static void tcp_chr_accept(void *opaque)
if (s->do_nodelay)
s->fd = fd;
qemu_set_fd_handler(s->listen_fd, NULL, NULL, NULL);
......@@ -2554,6 +2562,7 @@ static CharDriverState *qemu_chr_open_tcp(const char *host_str,
int fd = -1, ret, err, val;
int is_listen = 0;
int is_waitconnect = 1;
int do_nodelay = 0;
const char *ptr;
struct sockaddr_in saddr;
#ifndef _WIN32
......@@ -2584,6 +2593,8 @@ static CharDriverState *qemu_chr_open_tcp(const char *host_str,
is_listen = 1;
} else if (!strncmp(ptr,"nowait",6)) {
is_waitconnect = 0;
} else if (!strncmp(ptr,"nodelay",6)) {
do_nodelay = 1;
} else {
printf("Unknown option: %s\n", ptr);
goto fail;
......@@ -2616,6 +2627,7 @@ static CharDriverState *qemu_chr_open_tcp(const char *host_str,
s->fd = -1;
s->listen_fd = -1;
s->is_unix = is_unix;
s->do_nodelay = do_nodelay && !is_unix;
chr->opaque = s;
chr->chr_write = tcp_chr_write;
......@@ -2665,6 +2677,7 @@ static CharDriverState *qemu_chr_open_tcp(const char *host_str,
s->fd = fd;
if (s->connected)
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