Commit eb8f7776 authored by Aurelien Jarno's avatar Aurelien Jarno
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target-sh4: switch sh4 to softfloat

We need to be able to catch exceptions correctly and thus enable softfloat
on SH4.

As all machines except i386 and x86_64 are using softfloat, make it the
default and change the case to detect i386 and x86_64. Note that CRIS
doesn't have an FPU, so it can be configured with both softfloat-native
and softfloat.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAurelien Jarno <>
parent eae30c8f
......@@ -3061,11 +3061,11 @@ if test ! -z "$gdb_xml_files" ; then
case "$target_arch2" in
echo "CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT=y" >> $config_target_mak
echo "CONFIG_NOSOFTFLOAT=y" >> $config_target_mak
echo "CONFIG_NOSOFTFLOAT=y" >> $config_target_mak
echo "CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT=y" >> $config_target_mak
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