Commit dc1f5988 authored by Alexey Kardashevskiy's avatar Alexey Kardashevskiy Committed by Gerd Hoffmann

ohci: Convert fprint/DPRINTF/print to traces

This converts many kinds of debug prints to traces.

This implements packets logging to avoid unnecessary calculations if
usb_ohci_td_pkt_short/usb_ohci_td_pkt_long is not enabled.

This makes OHCI errors (such as "DMA error") invisible by default.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexey Kardashevskiy <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGerd Hoffmann <>
parent f0bc7fe3
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......@@ -295,6 +295,62 @@ usb_port_attach(int bus, const char *port, const char *devspeed, const char *por
usb_port_detach(int bus, const char *port) "bus %d, port %s"
usb_port_release(int bus, const char *port) "bus %d, port %s"
# hw/usb/hcd-ohci.c
usb_ohci_iso_td_read_failed(uint32_t addr) "ISO_TD read error at %x"
usb_ohci_iso_td_head(uint32_t head, uint32_t tail, uint32_t flags, uint32_t bp, uint32_t next, uint32_t be, uint32_t o0, uint32_t o1, uint32_t o2, uint32_t o3, uint32_t o4, uint32_t o5, uint32_t o6, uint32_t o7, uint32_t framenum, uint32_t startframe, uint32_t framecount, int rel_frame_num, uint32_t bm_di, uint32_t td_cc) "ISO_TD ED head 0x%.8x tailp 0x%.8x\n0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x\n0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x\n0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x 0x%.8x\nframe_number 0x%.8x starting_frame 0x%.8x\nframe_count 0x%.8x relative %d\ndi 0x%.8x cc 0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_iso_td_relative_frame_number_neg(int rel) "ISO_TD R=%d < 0"
usb_ohci_iso_td_relative_frame_number_big(int rel, int count) "ISO_TD R=%d > FC=%d"
usb_ohci_iso_td_bad_direction(int dir) "Bad direction %d"
usb_ohci_iso_td_bad_bp_be(uint32_t bp, uint32_t be) "ISO_TD bp 0x%.8x be 0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_iso_td_bad_cc_not_accessed(uint32_t start, uint32_t next) "ISO_TD cc != not accessed 0x%.8x 0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_iso_td_bad_cc_overrun(uint32_t start, uint32_t next) "ISO_TD start_offset=0x%.8x > next_offset=0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_iso_td_so(uint32_t so, uint32_t eo, uint32_t s, uint32_t e, const char *str, ssize_t len, int ret) "0x%.8x eo 0x%.8x\nsa 0x%.8x ea 0x%.8x\ndir %s len %zu ret %d"
usb_ohci_iso_td_data_overrun(int ret, ssize_t len) "DataOverrun %d > %zu"
usb_ohci_iso_td_data_underrun(int ret) "DataUnderrun %d"
usb_ohci_iso_td_nak(int ret) "got NAK/STALL %d"
usb_ohci_iso_td_bad_response(int ret) "Bad device response %d"
usb_ohci_port_attach(int index) "port #%d"
usb_ohci_port_detach(int index) "port #%d"
usb_ohci_port_wakeup(int index) "port #%d"
usb_ohci_port_suspend(int index) "port #%d"
usb_ohci_port_reset(int index) "port #%d"
usb_ohci_remote_wakeup(const char *s) "%s: SUSPEND->RESUME"
usb_ohci_reset(const char *s) "%s"
usb_ohci_start(const char *s) "%s: USB Operational"
usb_ohci_resume(const char *s) "%s: USB Resume"
usb_ohci_stop(const char *s) "%s: USB Suspended"
usb_ohci_exit(const char *s) "%s"
usb_ohci_set_ctl(const char *s, uint32_t new_state) "%s: new state 0x%x"
usb_ohci_td_underrun(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_dev_error(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_nak(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_stall(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_babble(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_bad_device_response(int rc) "%d"
usb_ohci_td_read_error(uint32_t addr) "TD read error at %x"
usb_ohci_td_bad_direction(int dir) "Bad direction %d"
usb_ohci_td_skip_async(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_pkt_hdr(uint32_t addr, int64_t pktlen, int64_t len, const char *s, int flag_r, uint32_t cbp, uint32_t be) " TD @ 0x%.8x %" PRId64 " of %" PRId64 " bytes %s r=%d cbp=0x%.8x be=0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_td_pkt_short(const char *dir, const char *buf) "%s data: %s"
usb_ohci_td_pkt_full(const char *dir, const char *buf) "%s data: %s"
usb_ohci_td_too_many_pending(void) ""
usb_ohci_td_packet_status(int status) "status=%d"
usb_ohci_ed_read_error(uint32_t addr) "ED read error at %x"
usb_ohci_ed_pkt(uint32_t cur, uint32_t fa, uint32_t en, uint32_t d, int s, int k, int f, uint32_t mps, int h, int c, uint32_t head, uint32_t tail, uint32_t next) "ED @ 0x%.8x fa=%u en=%u d=%u s=%u k=%u f=%u mps=%u h=%u c=%u\n head=0x%.8x tailp=0x%.8x next=0x%.8x"
usb_ohci_hcca_read_error(uint32_t addr) "HCCA read error at %x"
usb_ohci_mem_read_unaligned(uint32_t addr) "at %x"
usb_ohci_mem_read_bad_offset(uint32_t addr) "%x"
usb_ohci_mem_write_unaligned(uint32_t addr) "at %x"
usb_ohci_mem_write_bad_offset(uint32_t addr) "%x"
usb_ohci_process_lists(uint32_t head, uint32_t cur) "head %x, cur %x"
usb_ohci_bus_eof_timer_failed(const char *name) "%s: timer_new_ns failed"
usb_ohci_set_frame_interval(const char *name, uint16_t fi_x, uint16_t fi_u) "%s: FrameInterval = 0x%x (%u)"
usb_ohci_hub_power_up(void) "powered up all ports"
usb_ohci_hub_power_down(void) "powered down all ports"
usb_ohci_init_time(int64_t frametime, int64_t bittime) "usb_bit_time=%" PRId64 " usb_frame_time=%" PRId64
usb_ohci_die(void) ""
usb_ohci_async_complete(void) ""
# hw/usb/hcd-ehci.c
usb_ehci_reset(void) "=== RESET ==="
usb_ehci_unrealize(void) "=== UNREALIZE ==="
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