Commit d880b28c authored by Gerd Hoffmann's avatar Gerd Hoffmann

ipxe: update to current git

Now that ipxe has separate settings for load / boot banner timeouts
re-enable the boot banner while keeping the load banner turned off,
so we don't add a delay to non-pxe boots.

git shortlog:

Adrian Jamróz (2):
      [rhine] Rewrite VIA Rhine driver
      [velocity] Rewrite VIA Velocity driver

Alex Williamson (4):
      [romprefix] Allow ROM banner timeout to be configured independently
      [autoboot] Enable infrastructure to specify an autoboot device location
      [prefix] Allow prefix to specify a PCI autoboot device location
      [romprefix] Store boot bus:dev.fn address as autoboot device location

Alexander Chernyakhovsky (1):
      [ocsp] Handle OCSP responses that don't provide certificates

Bo Yang (1):
      [build] Avoid strict-aliasing warning for gcc 4.3

Brandon Penglase (1):
      [build] Add vmware build target

Christian Hesse (2):
      [build] Update build system for Syslinux 6.x
      [build] Fix LABEL name for .liso images

Daniel P. Berrange (1):
      [zbin] Fix size used for memset in alloc_output_file

Frediano Ziglio (1):
      [romprefix] Fix incorrect pointer offset in undiloader.S

Kevin Tran (1):
      [tg3] Fix various tg3 issues

Marin Hannache (8):
      [linux] Add missing #include <stddef.h>
      [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for valgrind headers
      [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for core/errno.c
      [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for ath9k driver headers
      [legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations
      [cmdline] Add "poweroff" command
      [nfs] Add support for NFS protocol
      [nfs] Fix an issue with the selection of a local port

Michael Brown (363):
      [netdevice] Separate VLAN support from presence of VLAN-supporting drivers
      [undi] Work around specific devices with known broken interrupt behaviour
      [menu] Prevent character code zero from acting as a shortcut key
      [menu] Prevent separators with shortcut keys from being selected
      [tftp] Allow TFTP block size to be controlled via the PXE TFTP API
      [pcbios] Add extra debugging messages when unhiding iPXE from memory
      [nbiprefix] Set up real-mode stack before jumping to .text16
      [prefix] Use %cs as implicit parameter to uninstall()
      [pcbios] Inhibit all calls to INT 15,e820 and INT 15,e801 during POST
      [romprefix] Display only one "Ctrl-B" prompt per PCI device during POST
      [efi] Update to latest EDK2 headers
      [autoboot] Split main control flow out of main() into a new function ipxe()
      [efi] Add last_opened_snpdev()
      [efi] Expose downloaded images via EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL
      [efi] Add our own EFI_LOAD_FILE_PROTOCOL implementation
      [efi] Fix building with newer binutils
      [lkrnprefix] Allow relocation when no initrd is present
      [efi] Fix minor typos in efi_image.c
      [efi] Add EFI-specific debugging macros
      [int13] Split out ISO9660 and El Torito definitions to separate header files
      [smbios] Provide SMBIOS version number via smbios_version()
      [smbios] Mangle UUIDs for SMBIOS version 2.6 and newer
      [dhcp] Use PXE byte ordering for UUID in DHCP option 97
      [uuid] Abstract UUID mangling code out to a separate uuid_mangle() function
      [efi] Provide efi_guid_ntoa() for printing EFI GUIDs
      [efi] Add "reboot" command for EFI
      [cmdline] Add ability to perform a warm reboot
      [efi] Enable "cpuid" command by default for EFI
      [cs89x0] Remove conflicting macro definitions
      [igbvf] Remove conflicting macro definitions
      [prism2] Use standard type names
      [efi] Fetch device path for loaded image during initialisation
      [settings] Expose build architecture and platform via settings
      [bios] Fix screen clearing on buggy BIOSes
      [intel] Remove hardcoded offsets for descriptor ring registers
      [intel] Expose functionality to be shared with intelx driver
      [intel] Add intelx driver for Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet NICs
      [efi] Remove obsolete EFI I/O implementation using EFI_CPU_IO_PROTOCOL
      [libc] Use __einfo() tuple as first argument to EUNIQ()
      [libc] Redefine low 8 bits of error code as "platform error code"
      [efi] Perform meaningful error code conversions
      [efi] Add sample platform-generated error disambiguations
      [netdevice] Use link-layer address as part of RNG seed
      [build] Allow sparse to find compiler.h
      [build] Define __WINT_TYPE__ if necessary
      [build] Allow sparse to be invoked via "make C=1"
      [build] Avoid sparse undeclared symbol warning for PROVIDE_SYMBOL()
      [process] Mark process descriptor as static in PERMANENT_PROCESS
      [realtek] Print bad MAC address in debug message when inferring no EEPROM
      [build] Use -Wno-decl when running sparse
      [build] Fix uses of literal 0 as a NULL pointer
      [build] Fix dubious uses of bitwise operators
      [build] Default to short wchar_t in stddef.h
      [realtek] Use ID word to detect EEPROM presence
      [errdb] Strip platform error code for non-platform-generated errors
      [pxe] Convert external PXE API errors into iPXE platform-generated errors
      [realtek] Allow reaction time between writing RTL_CAPR and reading RTL_CR
      [romprefix] Report failure cause when unable to open payload
      [realtek] Ensure EEPROM writes reach chip before starting udelay()
      [dhcp] Remove obsolete bootp.h header
      [netdevice] Add netdev_tx_defer() to allow drivers to defer transmissions
      [realtek] Defer packets when no transmit descriptors are available
      [settings] Eliminate settings "tag magic"
      [smbios] Allow access to unreferenced SMBIOS strings
      [smbios] Allow access to multiple instances of SMBIOS structures
      [crypto] Report meaningful error when certificate chain validation fails
      [build] Use $(eval) if available
      [build] Provide "allXXXs" targets for all media on all platforms
      [build] Add target for UEFI Secure Boot signing
      [netdevice] Add "chip" setting
      [netdevice] Reset MAC address when asked to clear the "mac" setting
      [realtek] Fix reopening of legacy-mode 8139 NIC
      [crypto] Accept OCSP responses containing multiple certificates
      [bzimage] Align initrd images to page boundary
      [bzimage] Fix spurious uninitialised-variable warning on some gcc versions
      [build] Work around bug in gcc >= 4.8
      [autoboot] Use next-server from filename's settings block
      [tcp] Do not send RST for unrecognised connections
      [tcp] Fix comment to match code behaviour
      [test] Add self-tests for base16
      [base16] Generalise base16_decode() to hex_decode()
      [settings] Use hex_decode() to parse hex settings
      [settings] Add "hexraw" setting type
      [netdevice] Add "bustype" and "busloc" settings
      [settings] Add "busdevfn" setting type
      [linux] Add support for accessing PCI configuration space via /proc/bus/pci
      [settings] Add config/settings.h
      [settings] Expose PCI configuration space via settings mechanism
      [settings] Make "netX" settings block function as a symbolic link
      [cmdline] Accept "netX" in iPXE commands
      [lotest] Include sequence number within loopback test packets
      [intel] Incorporate ring producer and consumer counters in diagnostics
      [base16] Ensure base16_encode() always terminates its result string
      [realtek] Report RX error detail in debug messages
      [script] Allow for backslash continuation of script lines
      [settings] Add support for navigation keys in "config" user interface
      [realtek] Allow extra space in RX buffers
      [ifmgmt] Avoid relying on global variable within ifcommon_exec()
      [script] Avoid trying to read final character of a zero-length string
      [legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations
      [build] Fix %.licence build target
      [settings] Clarify usage of the term "named setting"
      [settings] Avoid potentially large stack allocations
      [settings] Remove temporary name buffer parameter from parse_setting_name()
      [settings] Remove default_type parameter from parse_setting_name()
      [settings] Expose parse_setting_name()
      [settings] Change "not-found" semantics of fetch_setting_copy()
      [settings] Add fetchf_setting_copy()
      [settings] Eliminate call to fetchf_named_setting() in expand_settings()
      [settings] Eliminate call to store_named_setting() in nslookup.c
      [settings] Remove now-unused store_named_setting()
      [parseopt] Allow parsed option to be modified
      [parseopt] Move parse_settings() to parseopt.c
      [parseopt] Add parse_setting()
      [settings] Eliminate call to storef_named_setting() in choose_exec()
      [settings] Eliminate calls to {fetch,store}f_named_setting() in NVO commands
      [settings] Remove now-unused fetchf_named_setting() and storef_named_setting()
      [script] Allow initial whitespace on lines containing labels
      [script] Allow commands following a script label
      [settings] Introduce the generalised concept of a numeric setting
      [cmdline] Add "inc" command
      [pci] Add pci_find_next() to iterate over existent PCI devices
      [cmdline] Add "pciscan" command to allow iteration over PCI devices
      [udp] Move high-frequency debug messages to DBGLVL_EXTRA
      [ipv6] Rename sin_{family,port} to sin6_{family,port} in struct sockaddr_in6
      [tcpip] Allow binding to unspecified privileged ports (below 1024)
      [settings] Expose CPUID instruction via settings mechanism
      [test] Add self-tests for snprintf()
      [settings] Allow numeric_setting_value() to handle long setting values
      [settings] Expose memory map via settings mechanism
      [params] Add support for the general concept of a form parameter list
      [cmdline] Add "params" and "param" commands to manage form parameter lists
      [uri] Allow URIs to incorporate a parameter list
      [http] Add support for HTTP POST
      [settings] Make built-in settings a linker table
      [linux] Give tap devices a name and bus type
      [ipv4] Generalise fragment reassembly mechanism
      [netdevice] Increase maximum network-layer address length
      [netdevice] Add concept of a network device index
      [netdevice] Add method for generating EUI-64 address from link-layer address
      [ethernet] Add support for generating multicast hash for IPv6 addresses
      [linux] Apply MAC address prior to registering network device
      [tcpip] Pass through network device to transport layer protocols
      [neighbour] Generalise concept of neighbour discovery
      [ipv4] Abstract out protocol-specific portions of "route" command
      [ipv6] Replace IPv6 stack
      [ipv6] Fix uninitialised-variable warning
      [tcp] Reduce path MTU to 1280 bytes
      [ipv6] Add inet6_aton()
      [build] Work around bug in gcc >= 4.8
      [neighbour] Add nstat() function to print out neighbour table
      [cmdline] Add "nstat" command
      [tcp] Add AF_INET6 socket opener
      [udp] Add AF_INET6 socket opener
      [netdevice] Add find_netdev_by_index()
      [socket] Add concept of a generalised socket address converter
      [ipv4] Add IPv4 socket address converter
      [ipv6] Add IPv6 socket address converter
      [resolv] Use sock_aton() to allow parsing of arbitrary numeric addresses
      [icmp] Add support for sending ICMP echo requests
      [ping] Add concept of a ping socket
      [ping] Add generic ping mechanism
      [ping] Add top-level ping() function to ping a host
      [cmdline] Add "ping" command
      [ipv6] Handle IPv6 option length correctly
      [ipv6] Extract link layer addresses from router advertisements
      [ipv6] Support stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC)
      [ipv6] Treat sin6_scope_id consistently
      [ipv6] Automatically choose source for link-local and multicast destinations
      [pxe] Always retrieve cached DHCPACK and apply to relevant network device
      [ipv6] Add ndp_tx_router_solicitation() to send router solicitations
      [parseopt] Add parse_timeout()
      [netdevice] Make all net_driver methods optional
      [interface] Default to calling intf_restart() in response to intf_close()
      [job] Allow job_progress() to return an ongoing job status code, if known
      [monojob] Add timeout parameter to monojob_wait()
      [monojob] Report ongoing job status as overall return status on timeout
      [cmdline] Rewrite "sync" command to use monojob_wait()
      [autoboot] Fix shell banner timeout
      [ifmgmt] Rewrite iflinkwait() to use monojob_wait()
      [cmdline] Allow "if<xxx>" commands to take options
      [netdevice] Add generic concept of a network device configurator
      [dhcp] Add DHCP network device configurator
      [parseopt] Add parse_netdev_configurator()
      [ifmgmt] Add ifconf() to carry out network device configuration
      [autoboot] Use ifconf() to configure network device
      [cmdline] Add "ifconf" command
      [cmdline] Make "dhcp" command a synonym for "ifconf"
      [dhcp] Remove obsolete dhcp() function
      [ipv6] Add IPv6 network device configurator
      [cmdline] Generate command option help text automatically
      [pxe] Ensure cached DHCPACK is retrieved prior to network device creation
      [base16] Fix comparison of signed and unsigned integers
      [settings] Move user-class setting from dhcp.c to settings.c
      [ipv6] Use given source address only if it is not the unspecified address
      [ipv6] Add "ipv6" setting type
      [dhcpv6] Add basic support for stateful and stateless DHCPv6
      [ipv6] Separate the concepts of prefix and address creation
      [dhcpv6] Allow stateful DHCPv6 to apply obtained IPv6 addresses
      [test] Include failing code within failed test result output
      [main] Defer "initialising devices" message until initialising devices
      [console] Pass escape sequence context to ANSI escape sequence handlers
      [pixbuf] Add generic concept of a pixel buffer
      [image] Allow for non-executable image formats
      [image] Add image_pixbuf() to create pixel buffer from image
      [pnm] Add support for PNM images
      [mucurses] Use "<ESC>[2J" ANSI escape sequence to clear screen
      [console] Allow console input and output to be disabled independently
      [console] Add concept of generic console configuration
      [cmdline] Add "console" command to configure console
      [fbcon] Add generic concept of a frame buffer console
      [vesafb] Add VESA frame buffer console
      [vesafb] Include raw status value within VBE error messages
      [vesafb] Skip modes for which we cannot get mode information
      [vesafb] Return meaningful error when no suitable mode is found
      [vesafb] Select an optimal mode, rather than the first acceptable mode
      [build] Fix building on OpenBSD 5.4
      [console] Allow '?' as an intermediate byte in ANSI escape sequences
      [mucurses] Implement curs_set() to control cursor visibility
      [settings] Hide cursor when not actively editing a setting
      [menu] Hide cursor when displaying menu
      [fbcon] Add support for displaying a cursor
      [settings] Explicitly separate the concept of a completed fetched setting
      [settings] Allow for IPv6 setting types in non-IPv6 builds
      [settings] Add fetch_ipv6_setting()
      [dns] Add support for resolving IPv6 addresses via AAAA records
      [socket] Ensure socket address structure sizes are fixed
      [syslog] Add support for IPv6 syslog server
      [ipv6] Add support for resolving IPv6 addresses via the "nslookup" command
      [linux] Provide access to SMBIOS via /dev/mem
      [dhcpv6] Use DUID-UUID form of client DUID
      [settings] Force settings into alphabetical order within sections
      [settings] Allow for multiple definitions of each predefined setting
      [settings] Merge SETTING_IPv4 and SETTING_IPv6
      [dhcpv6] Add DHCPv6 "filename" setting
      [ipv6] Expose NDP-provided settings (including the DNS server)
      [vesafb] Work around data corruption bug in bochs/qemu VBE implementation
      [settings] Adapt user interface to fit display size
      [login] Adapt user interface to fit display size
      [menu] Adapt user interface to fit display size
      [console] Allow consoles to update the recorded console size
      [fbcon] Update the console width and height after changing mode
      [lkrnprefix] Include iPXE version string in image header
      [fbcon] Always draw cursor using current foreground and background colours
      [console] Add centralised concept of colours and colour pairs
      [mucurses] Use centralised concept of colour pairs
      [cmdline] Add the "colour" and "cpair" commands
      [console] Add concept of a "magic" colour
      [vesafb] Set "magic" colour to transparent when a background picture is used
      [build] Remove obsolete check for GNU as version 2.9.1
      [ipv6] Fix compilation under FreeBSD
      [build] Build ROMs used by qemu and VMware as part of "make all"
      [libc] Add isprint()
      [test] Add okx() macro taking an explicit file name and line number
      [deflate] Add support for DEFLATE decompression
      [deflate] Fix literal data length calculation
      [libc] Add abs()
      [uaccess] Add memcmp_user()
      [test] Rewrite pnm_ok() using okx()
      [test] Generalise pnm_ok() to pixbuf_ok()
      [png] Add support for PNG images
      [vesafb] Handle failures from fbcon_init()
      [fbcon] Centre background picture on console
      [fbcon] Allow for an arbitrary margin around the text area
      [vesafb] Allow for an arbitrary margin around the text area
      [cmdline] Rename "console" command's --bpp option to --depth
      [cmdline] Add margin options to the "console" command
      [fbcon] Allow ANSI CUP with missing arguments
      [cmdline] Always clear screen after reconfiguring console
      [intel] Add some missing PCI IDs
      [dns] Support DNS search lists
      [dns] Update end-of-name pointer after processing CNAME record
      [dhcp] Copy exactly the required length when resizing DHCP options
      [settings] Remove "uristring" setting type
      [params] Use reference counters for form parameter lists
      [uri] Refactor URI parsing and formatting
      [image] Ensure every image has a fully resolved URI
      [tcpip] Add IP statistics collection as per RFC 4293
      [cmdline] Add the "ipstat" command
      [prefix] Ignore PCI autoboot device location if set to 00:00.0
      [tcpip] Provide tcpip_netdev() to determine the transmitting network device
      [tcpip] Provide tcpip_mtu() to determine the maximum transmission unit
      [tcp] Calculate correct MSS from peer address
      [bzimage] Report exact initrd length via bzImage header
      [realtek] Include link status register details in debug messages
      [romprefix] Do not clobber stack segment when returning to BIOS
      [netdevice] Mark devices as open before calling open() method
      [tcp] Update window even if ACK does not acknowledge new data
      [linux] Avoid starting currticks() from zero every time
      [http] Use a retry timer to trigger retried requests
      [http] Automatically retry request on a 503 Service Unavailable
      [mii] Add mii_dump() to dump all MII registers
      [realtek] Dump all MII register contents when link status changes
      [monojob] Reset timeout when progress is made
      [image] Add "--timeout" parameter to image downloading commands
      [efi] Allow for 64-bit EFI_STATUS codes
      [efi] Allow driver to be unloaded
      [efi] Connect driver to devices as part of installation
      [console] Fix display of characters with top bit set
      [lotest] Allow loopback testing on shared networks
      [netdevice] Notify upper-layer drivers when RX processing is (un)frozen
      [efi] Avoid accidentally calling main() twice
      [efi] Unload our own image before exiting UEFI application
      [efi] Disable SNP devices when running iPXE as the application
      [realtek] Add ability to dump all internal registers
      [realtek] Clear bit 24 of RCR
      [bios] Fix screen clearing on even more buggy BIOSes
      [http] Accept Content-Length header with trailing whitespace
      [crypto] Remove dynamically-allocated storage for certificate name
      [crypto] Remove dynamically-allocated storage for certificate OCSP URI
      [build] Remove long-obsolete mechanism for wrapping embedded images
      [build] Disable ccache for all relevant build targets
      [build] Add dependency of generated files upon Makefile
      [crypto] Add pubkey_match() to check for matching public/private key pairs
      [crypto] Generalise X.509 cache to a full certificate store
      [crypto] Use fingerprint when no common name is available for debug messages
      [crypto] Allow signed timestamp error margin to be configured at build time
      [test] Rewrite X.509 tests using okx()
      [test] Rewrite CMS tests using okx()
      [test] Add tests for x509_check_name()
      [test] Add subject alternative names to X.509 server test certificate
      [crypto] Add support for subjectAltName and wildcard certificates
      [crypto] Allow wildcard matches on commonName as well as subjectAltName
      [intel] Avoid completely filling the TX descriptor ring
      [test] Rewrite TCP/IP tests using okx()
      [test] Add self-tests for flsl()
      [libc] Add inline assembly implementation of flsl() using BSR instruction
      [test] Add tests for 64-bit division
      [build] Fix __libgcc attribute for recent gcc versions
      [test] Check for correct -mrtd assumption on libgcc arithmetic functions
      [libc] Add isqrt() function to find integer square roots
      [libc] Add flsll()
      [profile] Add generic profiling infrastructure
      [cmdline] Add "profstat" command to display profiling statistics
      [netdevice] Profile common operations
      [intel] Profile common virtual machine operations
      [intel] Push new RX descriptors in batches
      [librm] Use genuine real mode to accelerate operation in virtual machines
      [ipv4] Profile transmit and receive datapaths
      [tcp] Profile transmit and receive datapaths
      [http] Profile receive datapath
      [downloader] Profile receive datapath
      [build] Allow for a debug level of zero
      [librm] Allow interrupts in protected mode
      [comboot] Use built-in interrupt reflector
      [pcbios] Do not switch to real mode to check for timer interrupt
      [pcbios] Do not switch to real mode to sleep the CPU
      [test] Print out profiling statistics after a successful test run
      [librm] Add a profiling self-test for measuring mode transition times
      [librm] Add meaningful labels at section changes
      [librm] Speed up protected-to-real mode transition under KVM
      [librm] Speed up real-to-protected mode transition under KVM
      [librm] Speed up protected-mode calls under KVM
      [profile] Provide methods for profiling individual stages of operations
      [librm] Add profiling self-tests for complete real_call and prot_call cycles
      [pxe] Profile all PXE API calls
      [pxe] Profile UNDI transmit datapath
      [pxe] Work around missing PXENV_UNDI_OPEN only when necessary
      [undi] Profile all PXE API calls
      [undi] Profile transmit and receive datapaths
      [undi] Report any PXENV_UNDI_ISR errors via netdev_rx_err()
      [undi] Do not switch to real mode to check for NIC interrupt
      [undi] Place an upper limit on the number of PXENV_UNDI_ISR calls per poll

Peter Pickford (1):
      [serial] Enable UART FIFOs

Robin Smidsrød (2):
      [settings] Add "version" builtin setting
      [build] Include ipxe.pxe in default build

Stefan Hajnoczi (2):
      [netdevice] Add vlan_tag() to get the VLAN tag of a network device
      [iscsi] Include 802.1Q VLAN identifier in iBFT

Thomas Miletich (3):
      [3c90x] Stall upload engine before setting RX ring address
      [3c90x] Don't round up transmit packet length
      [3c90x] Fix High-MTU packet reception

lolipop (1):
      [intel] Add Intel I217 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID
Signed-off-by: default avatarGerd Hoffmann <>
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