Commit d30df5ce authored by Aurelien Jarno's avatar Aurelien Jarno
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mips/malta: fix board id

Board id can't be written with stl_phys() as it's read-only part of
memory. Use stl_p() on the memory buffer instead.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAurelien Jarno <>
parent c5c19137
......@@ -910,7 +910,7 @@ void mips_malta_init (ram_addr_t ram_size,
/* Board ID = 0x420 (Malta Board with CoreLV)
XXX: theoretically 0x1e000010 should map to flash and 0x1fc00010 should
map to the board ID. */
stl_phys(0x1fc00010LL, 0x00000420);
stl_p(qemu_get_ram_ptr(bios_offset) + 0x10, 0x00000420);
/* Init internal devices */
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