Commit cd1b8a8b authored by Blue Swirl's avatar Blue Swirl
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ne2000_isa: make optional

Ignore failure with ne2000_isa device creation.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBlue Swirl <>
parent 60a14ad3
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
#include "ioport.h"
#include "isa.h"
#include "fdc.h"
#include "net.h"
/* PC-style peripherals (also used by other machines). */
......@@ -176,17 +177,21 @@ void pci_cirrus_vga_init(PCIBus *bus);
void isa_cirrus_vga_init(void);
/* ne2000.c */
static inline void isa_ne2000_init(int base, int irq, NICInfo *nd)
static inline bool isa_ne2000_init(int base, int irq, NICInfo *nd)
ISADevice *dev;
qemu_check_nic_model(nd, "ne2k_isa");
dev = isa_create("ne2k_isa");
dev = isa_try_create("ne2k_isa");
if (!dev) {
return false;
qdev_prop_set_uint32(&dev->qdev, "iobase", base);
qdev_prop_set_uint32(&dev->qdev, "irq", irq);
qdev_set_nic_properties(&dev->qdev, nd);
return true;
/* e820 types */
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