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docs: Document scsi-disk and usb-storage removable parameter

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......@@ -80,7 +80,11 @@ The -device argument differs in detail for each kind of drive:
This SCSI controller a single SCSI bus, named ID.0. Put a disk on
-device scsi-disk,drive=DRIVE-ID,bus=ID.0,scsi-id=SCSI-ID
-device scsi-disk,drive=DRIVE-ID,bus=ID.0,scsi-id=SCSI-ID,removable=RMB
The (optional) removable parameter lets you override the SCSI INQUIRY
removable (RMB) bit for non CD-ROM devices. It is ignored for CD-ROM devices
which are always removable. RMB is "on" or "off".
* if=floppy
......@@ -116,7 +120,12 @@ For USB devices, the old way is actually different:
Provides much less control than -drive's HOST-OPTS... The new way
fixes that:
-device usb-storage,drive=DRIVE-ID
-device usb-storage,drive=DRIVE-ID,removable=RMB
The removable parameter gives control over the SCSI INQUIRY removable (RMB)
bit. USB thumbdrives usually set removable=on, while USB hard disks set
removable=off. See the if=scsi description above for details on the removable
parameter, which applies only to scsi-disk devices and not to scsi-generic.
=== Character Devices ===
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