Commit 9c02f1a2 authored by j_mayer's avatar j_mayer

PowerPC 405 microcontrollers fixes and improvments:

- use target_phys_addr_t for physical addresses / offsets
- implement fake general purpose timers and memory access layer
  for PowerPC 405EP
- more assigned internal IRQs.

git-svn-id: svn:// c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162
parent 4b6d0a4c
......@@ -62,16 +62,17 @@ ram_addr_t ppc405_set_bootinfo (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_bd_info_t *bd);
/* */
typedef struct ppc4xx_mmio_t ppc4xx_mmio_t;
int ppc4xx_mmio_register (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
uint32_t offset, uint32_t len,
target_phys_addr_t offset, uint32_t len,
CPUReadMemoryFunc **mem_read,
CPUWriteMemoryFunc **mem_write, void *opaque);
ppc4xx_mmio_t *ppc4xx_mmio_init (CPUState *env, uint32_t base);
ppc4xx_mmio_t *ppc4xx_mmio_init (CPUState *env, target_phys_addr_t base);
/* PowerPC 4xx peripheral local bus arbitrer */
void ppc4xx_plb_init (CPUState *env);
/* PLB to OPB bridge */
void ppc4xx_pob_init (CPUState *env);
/* OPB arbitrer */
void ppc4xx_opba_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio, uint32_t offset);
void ppc4xx_opba_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
target_phys_addr_t offset);
/* PowerPC 4xx universal interrupt controller */
enum {
......@@ -89,15 +90,22 @@ void ppc405_ebc_init (CPUState *env);
/* DMA controller */
void ppc405_dma_init (CPUState *env, qemu_irq irqs[4]);
/* GPIO */
void ppc405_gpio_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio, uint32_t offset);
void ppc405_gpio_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
target_phys_addr_t offset);
/* Serial ports */
void ppc405_serial_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
uint32_t offset, qemu_irq irq,
target_phys_addr_t offset, qemu_irq irq,
CharDriverState *chr);
/* On Chip Memory */
void ppc405_ocm_init (CPUState *env, unsigned long offset);
/* I2C controller */
void ppc405_i2c_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio, uint32_t offset);
void ppc405_i2c_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
target_phys_addr_t offset, qemu_irq irq);
/* General purpose timers */
void ppc4xx_gpt_init (CPUState *env, ppc4xx_mmio_t *mmio,
target_phys_addr_t offset, qemu_irq irq[5]);
/* Memory access layer */
void ppc405_mal_init (CPUState *env, qemu_irq irqs[4]);
/* PowerPC 405 microcontrollers */
CPUState *ppc405cr_init (target_ulong ram_bases[4], target_ulong ram_sizes[4],
uint32_t sysclk, qemu_irq **picp,
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