Commit 9190749f authored by Riku Voipio's avatar Riku Voipio
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linux-user: fix compiler error on nptl

Some compilers detect that new_stack isnt used after dd75d784
Signed-off-by: default avatarRiku Voipio <>
parent a59d69da
......@@ -3635,11 +3635,12 @@ static int do_fork(CPUState *env, unsigned int flags, abi_ulong newsp,
int ret;
TaskState *ts;
uint8_t *new_stack;
CPUState *new_env;
#if defined(CONFIG_USE_NPTL)
unsigned int nptl_flags;
sigset_t sigmask;
uint8_t *new_stack;
/* Emulate vfork() with fork() */
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