Commit 8fec98b4 authored by Avi Kivity's avatar Avi Kivity

Sort RAMBlocks by ID for migration, not by ram_addr

ram_addr is (a) unstable (b) going away.  Sort by idstr instead.

Commit b2e0a138 initially introduced the sorting for the purpose
of improving debuggability.  After this patch, the order is still
stable, but perhaps less usable by a human.
Reviewed-by: default avatarAnthony Liguori <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAvi Kivity <>
parent 71c510e2
......@@ -217,12 +217,8 @@ static int block_compar(const void *a, const void *b)
RAMBlock * const *ablock = a;
RAMBlock * const *bblock = b;
if ((*ablock)->offset < (*bblock)->offset) {
return -1;
} else if ((*ablock)->offset > (*bblock)->offset) {
return 1;
return 0;
return strcmp((*ablock)->idstr, (*bblock)->idstr);
static void sort_ram_list(void)
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