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-L help

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......@@ -614,6 +614,9 @@ translation mode (@var{t}=none, lba or auto). Usually QEMU can guess
all thoses parameters. This option is useful for old MS-DOS disk
@item -L path
Set the directory for the BIOS, VGA BIOS and keymaps.
@item -std-vga
Simulate a standard VGA card with Bochs VBE extensions (default is
Cirrus Logic GD5446 PCI VGA). If your guest OS supports the VESA 2.0
......@@ -5899,7 +5899,7 @@ void help(void)
"-d item1,... output log to %s (use -d ? for a list of log items)\n"
"-hdachs c,h,s[,t] force hard disk 0 physical geometry and the optional BIOS\n"
" translation (t=none or lba) (usually qemu can guess them)\n"
"-L path set the directory for the BIOS and VGA BIOS\n"
"-L path set the directory for the BIOS, VGA BIOS and keymaps\n"
#ifdef USE_KQEMU
"-kernel-kqemu enable KQEMU full virtualization (default is user mode only)\n"
"-no-kqemu disable KQEMU kernel module usage\n"
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