Commit 7ce86aa1 authored by Hans de Goede's avatar Hans de Goede Committed by Gerd Hoffmann
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ehci: Fix NULL ptr deref when unplugging an USB dev with an iso stream active

Signed-off-by: default avatarHans de Goede <>
parent e983395d
...@@ -1598,7 +1598,7 @@ static int ehci_process_itd(EHCIState *ehci, ...@@ -1598,7 +1598,7 @@ static int ehci_process_itd(EHCIState *ehci,
dev = ehci_find_device(ehci, devaddr); dev = ehci_find_device(ehci, devaddr);
ep = usb_ep_get(dev, pid, endp); ep = usb_ep_get(dev, pid, endp);
if (ep->type == USB_ENDPOINT_XFER_ISOC) { if (ep && ep->type == USB_ENDPOINT_XFER_ISOC) {
usb_packet_setup(&ehci->ipacket, pid, ep, addr); usb_packet_setup(&ehci->ipacket, pid, ep, addr);
usb_packet_map(&ehci->ipacket, &ehci->isgl); usb_packet_map(&ehci->ipacket, &ehci->isgl);
ret = usb_handle_packet(dev, &ehci->ipacket); ret = usb_handle_packet(dev, &ehci->ipacket);
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