Commit 7b2919a0 authored by's avatar Committed by Aurelien Jarno
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target-arm: optimize thumb 32-bit multiply

Current implementation of thumb mul instruction is implemented as a
32x32->64 multiply which then uses only 32 least significant bits of
the result. Replace that with a simple 32x32->32 multiply.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJuha Riihimäki <>
Acked-by: default avatarLaurent Desnogues <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAurelien Jarno <>
parent b75263d6
......@@ -310,22 +310,6 @@ static TCGv_i64 gen_muls_i64_i32(TCGv a, TCGv b)
return tmp1;
/* Unsigned 32x32->64 multiply. */
static void gen_mull(TCGv a, TCGv b)
TCGv_i64 tmp1 = tcg_temp_new_i64();
TCGv_i64 tmp2 = tcg_temp_new_i64();
tcg_gen_extu_i32_i64(tmp1, a);
tcg_gen_extu_i32_i64(tmp2, b);
tcg_gen_mul_i64(tmp1, tmp1, tmp2);
tcg_gen_trunc_i64_i32(a, tmp1);
tcg_gen_shri_i64(tmp1, tmp1, 32);
tcg_gen_trunc_i64_i32(b, tmp1);
/* Signed 32x32->64 multiply. */
static void gen_imull(TCGv a, TCGv b)
......@@ -8363,7 +8347,7 @@ static void disas_thumb_insn(CPUState *env, DisasContext *s)
case 0xd: /* mul */
gen_mull(tmp, tmp2);
tcg_gen_mul_i32(tmp, tmp, tmp2);
if (!s->condexec_mask)
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