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PCI IDs for qemu
Red Hat, Inc. donates a part of its device ID range to qemu, to be used for
virtual devices. The vendor ID is 1af4 (formerly Qumranet ID).
The 1000 -> 10ff device ID range is used for VirtIO devices.
The 1100 device ID is used as PCI Subsystem ID for existing hardware
devices emulated by qemu.
All other device IDs are reserved.
VirtIO Device IDs
1af4:1000 network device
1af4:1001 block device
1af4:1002 balloon device
1af4:1003 Reserved.
to Contact Gerd Hoffmann <> to get a
1af4:10ef device ID assigned for your new virtio device.
1af4:10f0 Available for experimental usage without registration. Must get
to official ID when the code leaves the test lab (i.e. when seeking
1af4:10ff upstream merge or shipping a distro/product) to avoid conflicts.
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