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more info about -std-vga

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......@@ -556,7 +556,10 @@ images.
@item -std-vga
Simulate a standard VGA card with Bochs VBE extensions (default is
Cirrus Logic GD5446 PCI VGA)
Cirrus Logic GD5446 PCI VGA). If your guest OS supports the VESA 2.0
VBE extensions (e.g. Windows XP) and if you want to use high
resolution modes (>= 1280x1024x16) then you should use this option.
@item -loadvm file
Start right away with a saved state (@code{loadvm} in monitor)
@end table
......@@ -1260,6 +1263,11 @@ card. All Windows versions starting from Windows 95 should recognize
and use this graphic card. For optimal performances, use 16 bit color
depth in the guest and the host OS.
If you are using Windows XP as guest OS and if you want to use high
resolution modes which the Cirrus Logic BIOS does not support (i.e. >=
1280x1024x16), then you should use the VESA VBE virtual graphic card
(option @option{-std-vga}).
@subsubsection CPU usage reduction
Windows 9x does not correctly use the CPU HLT
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