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Commit 355ef4ac authored by Kevin Wolf's avatar Kevin Wolf

block: Update BlockLimits when they might have changed

When reopening with different flags, or when backing files disappear
from the chain, the limits may change. Make sure they get updated in
these cases.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKevin Wolf <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarWenchao Xia <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMax Reitz <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBenoît Canet <>
parent 466ad822
......@@ -483,7 +483,7 @@ int bdrv_create_file(const char* filename, QEMUOptionParameter *options,
return ret;
static int bdrv_refresh_limits(BlockDriverState *bs)
int bdrv_refresh_limits(BlockDriverState *bs)
BlockDriver *drv = bs->drv;
......@@ -1607,6 +1607,8 @@ void bdrv_reopen_commit(BDRVReopenState *reopen_state)
reopen_state->bs->enable_write_cache = !!(reopen_state->flags &
reopen_state->bs->read_only = !(reopen_state->flags & BDRV_O_RDWR);
......@@ -2441,6 +2443,7 @@ int bdrv_drop_intermediate(BlockDriverState *active, BlockDriverState *top,
new_top_bs->backing_hd = base_bs;
QSIMPLEQ_FOREACH_SAFE(intermediate_state, &states_to_delete, entry, next) {
/* so that bdrv_close() does not recursively close the chain */
......@@ -75,6 +75,8 @@ static void close_unused_images(BlockDriverState *top, BlockDriverState *base,
unused->backing_hd = NULL;
static void coroutine_fn stream_run(void *opaque)
......@@ -253,6 +253,7 @@ int bdrv_truncate(BlockDriverState *bs, int64_t offset);
int64_t bdrv_getlength(BlockDriverState *bs);
int64_t bdrv_get_allocated_file_size(BlockDriverState *bs);
void bdrv_get_geometry(BlockDriverState *bs, uint64_t *nb_sectors_ptr);
int bdrv_refresh_limits(BlockDriverState *bs);
int bdrv_commit(BlockDriverState *bs);
int bdrv_commit_all(void);
int bdrv_change_backing_file(BlockDriverState *bs,
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