Commit 2fd7ae36 authored by Michael Tokarev's avatar Michael Tokarev

Revert "os-posix: report error message when lock file failed"

This reverts commit e5048d15.

qemu_create_pidfile() is only created from main(), and there,
if that function returns failure, os_pidfile_error() function
is called, to, guess that, report error (which is done differently
whenever we're daemonizing or not).

qemu_create_pidfile() function has several error returns, this
lockf() failure is one of them, there are others (another shown
in the patch context too).

So this patch makes whole thing inconsistent at least.

If we need to show error message when we're daemonizing, it
looks like we should modify os_pidfile_error() routine to always
report error and only after that check for daemon mode.  This way
all errors will be reported the same way.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Tokarev <>
parent 404ac83e
......@@ -319,8 +319,6 @@ int qemu_create_pidfile(const char *filename)
return -1;
if (lockf(fd, F_TLOCK, 0) == -1) {
fprintf(stderr, "lock file '%s' failed: %s\n",
filename, strerror(errno));
return -1;
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